Helping agencies help people recover their id.

There are too many people who are homeless, precariously housed, or live on the margins of society. One of their biggest challenges is to attain official identification (birth certificates, health cards, SIN cards, etc.) without a fixed address. In addition, keeping identification is difficult for those who use the shelter system or are on the street, because they lack a secure place to store their ID and are subject to theft. ID is often necessary to access employment, housing, health care, and other essential services. Fortunately some community agencies help people to recover or store their ID. Northern Village is a web provider and software developer that is creating a service to help those agencies better manage ID data. This service will be called Access2ID.

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Access2ID Overview

Access2ID helps agencies to manage ID applications and store ID, using these features:

  • ID Request Management System to:
    • Manage application requests, including its status, and all communication including government responses, and client inquiries
    • Store documents related to the request (ie. scan of application)
    • Track each interaction with the client
    • Track where the ID is going to be picked up
    • Provide Reports on types of ID applied for, number of applications processed, etc.
  • ID Safe System to:
    • Take webcam photos of clients to confirm their identity when they pick up their ID
    • Save a record of all ID that is stored
    • Record all ID that is retreived, and maintain a transaction record
    • Add notes on each encounter
  • Overview of Client Activity
  • And more.